10 Tips for Startups and SMEs to Create Disruptive Content

18 Sep
Many creatives, coaches, and thought leaders are always caught in a fix when and how to create a content that can and would be disruptive. In my few years as an entrepreneur in the creative industry which positioned me as a coach and thought leader, I have worked with a couple of individuals across different divides and have experienced first-hand that; they at sea of how to create or curate a disruptive content. In this age and time, the internet has made content creation and distribution way easier unlike 5 or 10 years ago when the internet was only accessible to those that could afford it. Now, nearly every person can afford to get online with as little as N25 daily plan. This has erased the excuse of not being able to disruptively share your content. Before you start sharing, you have to create first. Creating a disruptive content isn’t just like every content any Ekene, Basira, and Yusuf would create. Abbo Leon, a digital marketing expert shared some tips with me as I was about to go online with my message in 2015, here are my top 10 from what he shared;
  1. Interest: This is your niche. What you want to be known for. Become a disruptive content creator means you have to be defined. Your timeline isn’t for jokes and banter (except you in the comedy niche). Don’t be a pop star today and a rapper tomorrow. I am sure you get my drift. Right? Be defined and create content around your definition. Interest combination is also an excellent way of being disruptive. For example, I operate across 4 distinct yet connect interest lines – entertainment (events and talent management), media, business consulting and most recently finance.
  2. Target Audience: Who are you writing to? Writing without a target in mind is like going to post a letter back in the 90s with an address. The message would get lost in transit. In my book #AudienceXL, I shared on how to define your audience and what kind of audience would suit your content. DOWNLOAD AudienceXL for FREE here
  3. Product: Having a product would position you as an authority in whatever interest you have chosen to focus your content on. Emeka Nobis once said, “…not having a product to point your audience to, is like being a sign in the wrong junction…” (Paraphrased). For you to create a disruption, you must have a destination to point your audience to.
  4. Use Relevant Hashtags/Tagging: Okay this where some folks can be really annoying. They tag their audience and influencers on anything. You are taking a crap, you tag, there is an “I can sleep 4 hours” trending hashtag, you jump on it. Hey! Hold your horses! That shouldn’t be you. If you want to be disruptive with your content. It’s okay to ride on trends and tag folks on a content. Before you do it, ask yourself; “how is this relevant to my content to these persons and their message? How would this disrupt the space to mark my name on the wall?” if both answers are negative, you have no business tagging or jumping on that trend. Monitor relevant hashtags and influencers that are relevant to your content and use appropriately
  5. Be Emotional: Your content should connect with the emotions of your audience. Something very blank and vague would not pass the disruptive test. It won't disrupt anything! It would just be another content put out there. As a creative, tell stories they (your audience) can relate with, as a coach and thought leader, think problems of your audience. Connect with their emotions. Why do you think Phyno (the Nigerian rapper) stuck to rapping in his native dialect? Is it because he can’t speak English, no! It’s because the eastern guys are emotionally connected to his songs and have somehow managed to carry the rest of non-easterners along. Now anytime he drops a content in form of a single or a body of work like an album, it disrupts the market. Coaches and thought leaders should start thinking like a creative artist in their approach to solving problems of humanity. It’s more fun that way.
  6. Story Telling: You want to disrupt right? Tell a story. In, fact tell a lot of stories – original true stories, please. Tell a story about yourself, your brand, your product, a third party (audience, influencer, etc) just tell eye-catching, ears grabbing and mind meddling stories and see if your audience won’t come back for more. Any coach or thought leader some 10 – 15 years ago didn’t know Steve Harris until his “storytelling” product/content – College Drop to Corporate Sellout dropped. Whether it’s a post, a song, an album, a book, anything at all, tell very interesting stories with lots of real emotion. See point 5 again.
  7. Curate, Collaborate and do Freebies: You don’t know it all my dear friend, don’t pretend you do. One of the biggest break in the African rap space in recent times is Jude Abaga (M.I)’s Illegal Music mixtapes. They are curated and sampled content plus it’s free. Many listeners and loyal fans of M.I (like myself) could relate to his content because it’s something they have either heard or read before. Stop competing and start collaborating. In our Pidgin English palace where I come from (Edo State, Nigeria), we say “…na cooperation they make rice full pot…”  Pushing out a collaborative content can disrupt the space more than you know. #AskSilas Podcast is a very good example for me, I started alone then started featuring other thought leaders from episode 11. Alone I got over 1,000 listens across the world in about a year and with features, I started getting between 300 – 500 listens in a week (damn the hackers that spoilt that flow I I had to change publishing platform and started afresh). Listen to #AskSilas PODCAST here. Freebies brought the larger set of my audience to me. A major example was my launch of #AudienceXL in February 2017. Between 2015 till that time, my audience spike only happened mid-year when I host StartUp Business Conference but since the launch of my free resource materials, my audience grows at a minimum average of 15% weekly. You should try it. Get my FREE RESOURCES here
  1. Create Competition/Discounts: Humans are naturally competitive. A healthy competition with a prize would make you disrupt the space for as long as you can hold. Your content should hold some form of competition as some point to get your audience to participate and engage. Discounts on premium content can also be a good way to disrupt the space, driving mad traffic to you.
  2. Engage and Respond: With my growing following on social media especially, I still take out time to engage and respond. I respond to WhatsApp messages, emails, tweets, Instagram and facebook comments myself and I plan to do that for a very long time. I learned to master this act from one of my role models – Gary Vee. As large as his following is, he takes out time to personally respond to his audience. A like from you would let your audience know you saw their comment or post about you. Take it from me, as you continue on this journey, your influence would grow and your followership would increase. You would be tempted to outsource your response – don’t if you can handle it. People know when it’s you and when it’s not you. Knowing it’s you 90% of the time makes them emotionally tied and loyal to you and your content. That’s how to disrupt!
  3. Be Consistent: 1 likes, 2 likes, 1 comment, no comment, don’t let those get to you. When I started podcasting, I didn’t get my first listen in nearly a whole month (4 episodes). Imagine what that feels like. I had less than 20 followers in 2015 when I started afresh on Twitter after losing control of my first twitter account, I didn’t even know how to use Instagram for my content till mid-2015. I can go on and on about why I should have just given up sharing my knowledge with the world. Fast forward to 2017, 32 people from my audience bought my live business development class - #ProjectCEO Business Development Class, I have being interviewed both on local (Nigeria) and international (the abroad) platforms, I have done series of radio and TV interviews to share my knowledge, hosted and co-hosted top influencers across different industries, I have regular booking for business and content development coaching, my business brands have experienced exponential growth, should I go on? The trick is consistency. Many folks are watching you. Trust me! Especially the potential buyers and influencers that want to either buy from you or collaborate with you. They want to know you are doing is just a brainwave or you are dead serious about the path you have chosen. Showing up daily is the key. It’s okay to break once a while (because we self na human being) but don’t waver and don’t get lost in the wind. In point 1 above, I mentioned my interest cuts across 4 industries yet connected to one consistent message – the development and exponential growth of StartUps and SMEs. Creatives like emerging artists, actors, models in entertainment fall within this message, young talented presenters, writers, graphic designers, videographers, photographers, editors in media fall within my message, entrepreneurs, coaches and thought leaders just starting out and getting on their feet fall within my message. Tell me which of all the above wants to develop a viable business without money – finance? In the last 3 years. I have been blowing this trumpet – helping startups and SMEs generate #5xIncome from their content and business ideas consistently, I know what I am talking about plus other people now know because I have been consistent. What are you know for?
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