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3 Business Rainy Days and How to Prepare for Them.

rainy day It's rainy season in Nigeria right now and most parts of West Africa but that's not the problem. The southern part of Nigeria has more rain than other parts of the country resulting in heavy flooding but that's still not the problem. Some people end up losing their business, property, and so on.... Guess what? That isn't even a problem here... What's the problem you might ask? If those points made above are to the problem them what else could be a problem in this cause? Isn't that what you're wondering about? Rainy season is arguably one of the most difficult seasons in the life of an average African (at least where I come from - Nigeria). We've heard time and time again - prepare or save for the 'rainy day'. As cliché as that sounds, it has lots of wisdom in it other literarily and otherwise. The problem is we are mostly now prepared so the rain comes, destroys and the flood (a by-product of the heavy downpour) take some things with it as a souvenir for you 'ill-preparation'. Let's zero in on business which is my main concern here. In business, there are 'rainy days'. They would come trust me! It's as certain as the rainy season coming every year in Africa. Are you prepared? The funny thing is, most folks know that the rains would surely come. They know! But for some reason, they play down on preparing for the rainy days that would come. As I mentioned earlier, there are business rainy days and you sure as hell should prepare for them or get washed away in the flood, strike down by lightening and lost everything. The first would be the kick off stage of your business - Lightning stage. lightning Surprisingly, this is the day lost people believe that a most prepared for until the strike of lightning happens and the bright light brings down everything in its path. The kick off stage of a business idea is one heavy rain storm that can sweep you off your feet if you're not well prepared for it. The idea would vanish faster than it came just like like lightning if you can't control the tide at launch. Here's a short story (you probably already know), when Nigerian Kampus Awards was launched in 2015, I thought I was prepared until the lightning bolt hit. People didn't show up, power was down and the supposed chain reaction of 'bad omen' spun on. Honestly, I was moved by the chain of events because I thought I was prepared for that huge step in my business journey. That was a rainy day for me. The question now is how did I handle the sure supposedly 'negative' outcome of a brand kick off? Now, pay attention to the next lines you're going to read. I simply, owned up to my mistakes and owned my narrative. That simple! My team and I ended up spinning that launch to something more that we had a media tour across 3 major states in Nigeria on radio and television sharing how people loved the platform (which they genuinely do but were too scared to show up because it was the first of its kind in the country). Today, Nigerian Kampus Awards platform is our flagship brand with over 25 campuses participating annually. Second is the expansion stage. This stage is a serious business rainy day as many either get it right here or loose it all at this point. Let's call this the thunder stage. For most people, they can't even tell the difference between the lightning and thunder. Shocked? There is a slight difference. At this stage, you feel confident, you somehow feel like you survived the kickoff, so what's there? You can expand as you like. Maybe even get partners and investors. Question, are you prepared for the rain after the thunder? Do you want to expand? Your numbers have to be right, you must have the right team, the right equipment, the proper network, the right business pitch, plans, and proposals. I can go on and on. So before you say let the rains come, let the thunder strike and the wind blow... Are you prepared for this rainy day? Because it's sure going to come. Another short illustration here, those that know me well know that I started a business with talents and events management, then expanded to business development coaching and now I've expanded currently into media, heading to finance soon... Watch out for that one. I'm not writing all these as a pat on my back but to tell you that you can only move from one stage to another if you can first turn a seemly precarious situation like our awards launch to become a business. I shared the story of how KampusTV NG came about in this article: 3 Reasons Why Problems Are Brands in the Making I shared more about it. You should ready it! Lastly, the survival stage - Flood Stage. floodWith rain come flood and with flood comes the test of your strength. These days, it has become a 'sexy idea' to be referred to as an 'Entrepreneur'. Why that is, I don't know. It's now very cool to have the next big business idea. For some, maybe of for the fun of it for others, they really know what they want. This stage is where many drawn, get washed away, get broken, cave in or just soak and swelling becoming useless to themselves and everything else around them. Simply because they got flooded. It takes some a while to get here just like it happens on real rain while for others, the flood comes just as the rain starts. Well, whichever one you belong to, once you're here, you're in the flood already, you're either deal with it or go with it! It took me about 2 years to experience my first flooding in business. Yes, it can all reoccur again and again just like the rainy season comes every year. What keeps you at the stage is the real essence of what your build your business empire around. For me, it's my message - to reach out to every upward thinking young adult between age 15 - 40 helping them generate cash flow from their passion, skill, and talents. If you know my platforms very well you would know that this is what all the platforms put together are trying to achieve. Clarity of your message would help you stand in the flood - social media flood, financial bankruptcy, unsupportive friends and family flood, crowd mentality and so on... All these can form a huge surge of the flood around and against your business and ideas but if you're clear about your message and your know what your want share with the world you would stand no matter the flood. I hope this has reassured you of your business stance and would help you on your 'business rainy days'? I have been sharing my knowledge since 2013 and have helped lots of StartUps and SMEs develop their businesses through these 3 stages. If you don't mind, I can help you too, become a champion. You're invited to join our Business Community on Facebook or Simply send me a message on WhatsApp (234) 08038826332 so I can share more with you. Follow me on Twitter @ozoyasilas IMG_20170615_170824Featured Photo: That's just me standing in a flooded street in Port Harcourt, Nigeria Thank you for reading. Please comment and SHARE with your friends