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Finance: There are 4 Ms of Money

Funding is what most African entrepreneurs claim to be the biggest challenge for them in the marketplace when actually its the attitude to which we think about and handle money and the issues around it. Raising funds is very simple. Trust me! I broke down fundraising in on of my other books; Seed Funding Secrets (You should read it too). Money has an emotion of its own and if handled wrongly could choose to leave and not come back to you as often as it should. This ability for money to come and stay or decide to go and not come back (so often) is dependent on how we see money, the channels we created to make and continue making money, how we manage, multiply and master the money as an act. There are 4 Ms of Money, this might not be all there is to money but these thoughts should get you started on your journey to financial freedom. In this book, I shared my personal experiences on my relationship with money and also took a leaf from a dear friend - Sylvester Okoyomon. His thoughts formed the basis of this work which I expanded on drawing from my personal experiences journeying this path to financial freedom via entrepreneurship and business coaching/consultancy. This is for you whether you are an entrepreneur or not. We all need money and we all use money... Here are some testimonials from those that have read the book; Here is the sweetest part, this book is completely FREE! Click here to DOWNLOAD yours Now! Do you have questions? #AskSilas Today! Send an email to or Whatsapp: (234) 8110976887