How to become a Celebrity Entrepreneur, Coach and Thought Leader… as a Startup Entrepreneur

30 Oct
Our personal brands' influences sales for our businesses and the success of our business brands influence our status as an expert and or celebrity on our niches as Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Thought Leaders. Some argue it's better to build your business brand first and ride on that to build your personal brand while others argue in the opposite direction. Whichever way you choose to build your brand, the ripple effect would be felt on the other... That's the hard fact! Earning 5x Income from your content and business ideas goes beyond doing one thing at a time. Combining and sharing multiple passion, skills, and experiences is what makes you become a celebrity in your niche. Celebrities are seen as experts and have large followership in their ideology. They're seen as experts in their field of knowledge and skill. So why are these guys celebrities? I would share with you shortly. 21462432_1559331564135466_3380785582514101696_n Meet John Obidi In Nigeria, he's a celebrity entrepreneur, coach and thought leader especially when it comes to social media strategy with followership of more than 30,000 followers and subscribers in his community. On Friday, 27th October 2017 at PAQ Session put together by Philip Asuquo. John shared about how we can sell anything (legally) using tech. His words; "...ideas are great, branding that idea and making noise about it is better..." I always say No one pays for he ideas still inside your head. You have to package them, put them out and make noise unstoppable about that product. He advised you should learn, do and teach. Warning: Learning and noise making comes with a price. So ask yourself are you willing to pay the price to become a celebrity? 22815262_10156721743653098_6518302256357314558_n Meet Emeka Nobis A celebrity author, coach and thought leader. He has a followership of over 10,000 subscribers as followers. He shared his fair share of his knowledge about whether tech is the bad guy or not. He shared deeply on how to maximize tech for knowledge in exchange for "bread". I wish I could repeat his words, words for word but he has done us a Favour to bless us with the pdf copy of his speech. Click here to see it. On Saturday just after PAQ Session. He shared about Emotional Intelligence and how it helps grow your business exponentially with the use of empathy, sympathy, and firmness in your business dealings. Wonder why you always go broke or get owed by close family and friends? Poor emotional intelligence. IMG-20171028-WA0004                                                 Lastly, meet Promise Excel. This guy just shot to fame and celebrity status almost immediately on Friday as Emeka Nobis made him stand in presence of all PAQ Session audience because of the work he had put in using tech to support and solve problems. As for his followership, this guy used to be under the radar until he took intentional steps about his personal brand, built a community around his message or helping other entrepreneurs, coaches and thought network and through setting up and running a paid subscription-based business community -  Ignite Meetup PHC The value gotten from this community largely outweighs the subscription made monthly by its members. Guess what happens, all their business brands thrive because of their "celebrity" status now as Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Thought Leaders leading large communities. How does this concern you as a startup or SME entrepreneur? Your business and finances can thrive better when you can build your brand to become a "celebrity brand". Let me quickly ask you. Would you pay Wizkid or Sinach same fee with an emerging artist term to be known through the emerging act can sing way better? No? Why? You simply see the former as an expert and the later as a novice. That's why you would be willing to pay more. Would you really like to earn 5x your current income in your business and personal brand? Then you have to build and grow your expert status to from "Novice" to "Celebrity". Become a celebrity brand. At #AskSilas Business Academy, we teach StartUp and SME Entrepreneurs how to build and exponentially grow their brands to become celebrity brand by giving them an Expert Authority Blueprint. Would you like to have this blueprint? Get this blueprint at 50% discount in the next 48 hours or miss the opportunity Click Celebrity Brand Mastery: How to become an Expert Authority in 90 days or less. Tell a friend about this.