3 Business Rainy Days and How to Prepare for Them.

16 Jun
rainy day It's rainy season in Nigeria right now and most parts of West Africa but that's not the problem. The southern part of Nigeria has more rain than other parts of the country resulting in heavy flooding but that's still not the problem. Some people end up losing their business, property, and so on.... Guess what? That isn't even a problem here... What's the problem you might ask? If those points made above are to the problem them what else could be a problem in this cause? Isn't that what you're wondering about? Rainy season is arguably one of the most difficult seasons in the life of an average African (at least where I come from - Nigeria). We've heard time and time again - prepare or save for the 'rainy day'. As cliché as that sounds, it has lots of wisdom in it other literarily and otherwise. The problem is we are mostly now prepared so the rain comes, destroys and the flood (a by-product of the heavy downpour) take some things with it as a souvenir for you 'ill-preparation'. Let's zero in on business which is my main concern here. In business, there are 'rainy days'. They would come trust me! It's as certain as the rainy season coming every year in Africa. Are you prepared? Continue reading

You Have a Message- A Call to Creatives, Thought Leaders & Coaches

5 Jun

You Have a Message.... your audience is waiting.

___________________________________________________________________________ It's not about what they want, it's about what you want. If you can just be selfish enough to grind for what you want, they would get what they want. Eventually... They are just scared of the change you're becoming. Get used to it... Even you are scared but, you see the light calling you... It's drawing you would closer... Continue reading

#5xIncome: How To Generate 5x Income in 30-90 days

19 May


Having a source of income is good but having multiple sources of income is way better. ___________________________________________________________________________ In this short email course, I talked about basic steps the things needed for setting up a solid foundation for earning more than on source in this 21st. Continue reading

Over 330 million Was Made Last Week On Big Brother Naija… How Much Did You Make Last Week?

5 Apr
ebukaHonestly, I think I was among the first set of people to punch my calculator app when Ebuka announced that the show has 11 million votes last week. I had waved off the idea of trying to count other people's chickens while I'm still among my own eggs until the wave came in on social media on Monday and it's still spreading as I post this... A few weeks ago we were comparing Sir Shina Peters and Jim Ovia of Zenith Bank as to their decision of how they spent their own N20 million. Emphasis on their own.... The money isn't yours before you say this or that... It's not yours! Now here's my 2 Kobo on this whole financial intelligence related trends (which of course many have ignored). Continue reading

StartUp Business Cooperative: 2 Simple Ways to Raise N1Million for Your Business Idea or Project in 90 days

31 Mar

INTRODUCING STARTUP Business Cooperative powered by SUBAstartupfund

Since the launch of StartUp Business Africa community in July 2016, we made it crystal clear that our goals are to create an avenue to; Network, Develop & Generate Funds for our business idea and projects.

We've enjoyed viable business networking among ourselves... Testimonials abound. We've been able to develop ourselves through development materials in the community and courses from #AskSilas Academy Continue reading

Relationship: The Role Of a Lady to Her Man In a DWINDLING ECONOMY

20 Mar

"...even men need shoulders to cry on.... people to pray for them and support them. We are not superheroes..." - Chinwetalu C.

The country as we all know is in a dire state and it is stale news that we are in an Economic Recession. Ever since the government of the day came into power nobody has been their normal self, every area of the economy has been tightened. What seemed like a running tap low on reserved water is now permanently shut. Now that we have established that fact, dear spouses, we need HELP!

There are certain roles you could play in the life of your spouse now, that s/he would eternally appreciate. First, let me address immediate past issue of Valentine (since it is the most pressing) Feb 14th a.k.a. Valentine’s Day. I don’t even want to go into details on how we have abused this particular date, however, at the last "Husbands & Boyfriends Association" meeting (not exactly a real association); we came to a consensus that since we are not descendants of Oga St. Valentine, there would be no need to commemorate the day with all that expenses anymore. Just go about your day in normalcy; in fact stay clear of anything that has to do with red henceforth on that day. The point is we still recovering from the December expenses. This 2017, personally, I have not recovered from December 2015 spending. Continue reading

#ProjectCEO: Learn Business Development & Fund Generating Strategies

17 Mar


#ProjectCEO is an annual business development class/pitch contest hosted by yours sincerely - Silas Ozoya to raise 10 entrepreneurs.

This idea is to help newbies build their business from scratch and help existing entrepreneurs (SME owners) grow their business exponentially using our business development and fund generation strategies.

We know for sure that across Africa a lot of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) have flawed business models and fund generating strategies hence we hear the complaints of poor funds or lack of capital as causes of failures. Silas Ozoya through his business community- StartUp Business Africa (SUBA), Africa has mapped out ways to curb this menace in the Startup and SME circle of intending and existing entrepreneurs. The goal at the end of each #ProjectCEO session is to; Continue reading

Handling StartUp Fears, Branding Your Vision & Best Fashion Tips for Entrepreneurs

17 Mar


"...build consistency, develop yourself.... build a brand from your visions..."


Many StartUp entrepreneurs go through a "fear phase" in the beginning, most of the time just before they take off and start pursuing their passions and dreams. Some visionary entrepreneurs with excellent ideas have not identified their "brand value". In this episode, Annabel Abeh (a Fashionpreneur) & Rachel Lucky (a Visionary Coach) Continue reading

Disruptive Content: How Jenifa Dairies Successfully Stole TV Space from Other TV Series

13 Mar


"...Her platform; Jenifa Dairies has brought all these folks to brighter light making their talent shine brighter..."


On March 4th, 2017 Jenifa Dairies was announced TV series of the year at Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA). You would recall years ago it was Check Mate and Village Masquerade that were trending. I guess I'm going too far the youngsters... Let me come down to ages some can relate with. Remember Tales by Moon Light and Willie Willie? Errmmm I think I started facing my books after that. Then came Super Story that managed to break through and held the entire country spellbound so much so that in my home we had the stations and their timetable in case any day was missed another station was targeted ... Even my dad! Who would have believed that? (especially for those that know my dad)... Fast forward to some years later, a certain young lady broke out from nowhere with Jenifa that debut in 2008, then the return of Jenifa and finally she went bunkers with the idea of doing a TV series from the accent she has gathered from that franchise and the show went on to practically unseat all TV series across the African continent. (The millions of people that voted the show to win TV show of the year at AMVCA can't all be liars. Can they?) Continue reading

How To Monetize Your Multi-Talents Using the R.O.O.M Theory

10 Mar


Many find it hard to accept their multi-talents, some don't even know they have them and some have them, know them and are still very broke...

In this episode, I had a very long chat with Talle Davidson of Talle Davidson Multi-Talent Academy (TADMA) popularly called "Dr. T" as he dissects the "R.O.O.M theory" as a tool to monetizing your multi-talents.... As we chatted, he went into the "how" to; Continue reading