What Can You Achieve in 90 Days?

6 Dec
When 2016 was ending I told myself that 2017 would be one of my best year ever. I set a business goal to move my media company - KampusTV NG from running from home at my dining table and my co-founder's room to having an office and studio space. My financial goal was to hit N3million ($7500) and My life goal was to have more family time and work freedom. By August 22nd (which is my birthday), I did my usual ritualistic self and financial audit. This was the result; I had gotten a very big 3 bedroom detached bungalow (fenced) as an office and studio space for my business. Continue reading

How to become a Celebrity Entrepreneur, Coach and Thought Leader… as a Startup Entrepreneur

30 Oct
Our personal brands' influences sales for our businesses and the success of our business brands influence our status as an expert and or celebrity on our niches as Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Thought Leaders. Some argue it's better to build your business brand first and ride on that to build your personal brand while others argue in the opposite direction. Whichever way you choose to build your brand, the ripple effect would be felt on the other... That's the hard fact! Earning 5x Income from your content and business ideas goes beyond doing one thing at a time. Combining and sharing multiple passion, skills, and experiences is what makes you become a celebrity in your niche. Celebrities are seen as experts and have large followership in their ideology. They're seen as experts in their field of knowledge and skill. So why are these guys celebrities? Continue reading

StartUp Business Conference 2017: The Business of Skill

15 Jun
sbc2017 flyer official meHello and Welcome I am Silas Ozoya,

I am an Entrepreneur, Business Developer, Teacher and an Entertainment Freak.

Every year I have a goal of raising 10 entrepreneurs.  Through my coaching, mentoring and strategy sessions, I support at least one of every 10 with financial and practical business knowledge to either launch a new business (startup) or exponentially grow an existing one (SME). In 2013 “The Entrepreneur Summit" was launched. This is the background where I first started to coach startups and SMEs based on my experiences of building my companies; MADdotCOM Business Network and KampusTV NG. I discovered that motivation to start is not all but the actual support (knowledge and financial intelligence) are as important. The motivation to start is easy but the tenacity to continue is where practical knowledge comes into play so as to not leave the "motivated and inspired mind" wondering in the darkness of harsh realities making them give up half way. So I opted to provide intelligent solutions. Continue reading