StartUp Business Cooperative: 2 Simple Ways to Raise N1Million for Your Business Idea or Project in 90 days

31 Mar

INTRODUCING STARTUP Business Cooperative powered by SUBAstartupfund

Since the launch of StartUp Business Africa community in July 2016, we made it crystal clear that our goals are to create an avenue to; Network, Develop & Generate Funds for our business idea and projects.

We've enjoyed viable business networking among ourselves... Testimonials abound. We've been able to develop ourselves through development materials in the community and courses from #AskSilas Academy Now! We want to officially announce the launch of StartUp Business Cooperative as a Fund Generating Solution for new and existing businesses within and outside the community.NGN StartUp Business Cooperative is a crowdfund (cooperative) business model that helps a group of people pull cash together through savings and/or contributions towards a particular goal. According to Wikipedia, "...a co-operative society is an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations..." This scheme is a two-fold package; i. StartUp Grant (#StartUpPitchChallenge): The idea here is to help raise cash for new business ideas within  N200,000 budget for members of the community and nonmembers alike. This interest-free grant would be given every month to the winner of the StartUp Pitch Challenge. To get in is apply via text message by sending SPC (SPACE) NAME to (short code coming soon). Top 10 entries would be selected monthly to go head to head for the N200,000 grant prize. To enter send SPC (SPACE) NAME to (short code coming soon). SMS cost N50. Multiple entries allowed. (Terms & Conditions Apply) ii. StartUp Loan Scheme: Using a crowdfunding (cooperative) savings and loans model, we want to give financial members of the community 6 months loans at 10% and non-financial members at loans 15% (Terms and Conditions Apply). We've been developing this for a while and we hope it would benefit both members of the community and nonmembers alike in terms of business expansion and growth.

To benefit from this funding solution, you would need to be a financial member of the cooperative or be referred by a member of the cooperative.

To be a financial member, you would have to save with the cooperative for at least 90days. Savings can be between N5,000 - N100,000 monthly.

All saved funds earn 5% returns per quarter.

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Qualification for Loans is based on your saving circle track record in the last 90 day period before the loan application. Loans are given in 3 stages; Stage 1 Loan - N50,000 - N499,000 Stage 2 Loan - N500,000 - N999,000 Stage 3 Loan - N1,000,000

All above loans are at 10% interest rate in 6 months deductible at source.

Need a StartUp Business Loan? Click JOIN NOW! & Start Contributing a minimum of N5,000 to qualify for a loan of up to N1,000,000 in the next 90 days.