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Disruptive Content: How Jenifa Dairies Successfully Stole TV Space from Other TV Series



"...Her platform; Jenifa Dairies has brought all these folks to brighter light making their talent shine brighter..."


On March 4th, 2017 Jenifa Dairies was announced TV series of the year at Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA). You would recall years ago it was Check Mate and Village Masquerade that were trending. I guess I'm going too far the youngsters... Let me come down to ages some can relate with. Remember Tales by Moon Light and Willie Willie? Errmmm I think I started facing my books after that. Then came Super Story that managed to break through and held the entire country spellbound so much so that in my home we had the stations and their timetable in case any day was missed another station was targeted ... Even my dad! Who would have believed that? (especially for those that know my dad)... Fast forward to some years later, a certain young lady broke out from nowhere with Jenifa that debut in 2008, then the return of Jenifa and finally she went bunkers with the idea of doing a TV series from the accent she has gathered from that franchise and the show went on to practically unseat all TV series across the African continent. (The millions of people that voted the show to win TV show of the year at AMVCA can't all be liars. Can they?) Meanwhile, let me confess, this is secret, please don't tell anyone. I first fell in love with Funke's work in "I Need to Know" the UNFPA project way back in 1998 - 2002... Back to the gist; This lady has shared mega platforms with the high and mighty in the movie and entertainment industry, shot movies across the world, won awards back to back on major platforms like the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) just to mention a few... This article is not only to applaud her effort but to draw your attention to something as a creative, thought leader, coach or entrepreneur... Here's my question; How Disruptive is your content? Here's what Funke Akindele-Bello aka Jenifa has successfully done, she has created content that's; falz1. Unselfish: Giving other talents platforms to grow and explore. Look at how Folarin Falana (Falz the Bahd Guy) won the best male in a comedy TV series last year from nowhere in the acting scene. This guy is a musical artist that Jenifa turned a superstar actor. Let's not even talk of Omotunde Adebowale David (Lolo 1 of Wazobia Fm) acting as "Adaku" and the supposed "unpopular" Olayode Juliana (Toyo Baby). Her platform; Jenifa Dairies has brought all these folks to brighter light making their talent shine brighter. One day I saw a reply Funke gave to one of her tweeter follower who begged for a "waka pass" role and I said a silent prayer for her because creating platforms for selfless reasons brings profit. Doubt it? Look at her today. 2. Relativity: Those that follow the series very well would know that the story line tells more about our everyday lives with little comic inputs here and there. Business development knowledge shared at the saloon, customer relationship, sales and negotiation skills, etc so why won't the entire Africa be endeared tot the series?
  1. Marketability: Just yesterday (Sunday, March 12th) I saw a friend's post on Facebook of how the series has up to 14 advert slots in a 30 minutes package. If you're reading and you want shout ha! and ask why? Let me ask you; if you're an advert agency or consultant won't you put your client's ad on her show? Be honest with yourself... I can bet you there are ads lining up for that show right now based on my experience in media advertising.
Back to you dear creative, thought leader, coach, mentor, consultant and all the big titles... Let me ask you;
  • Is your content that disruptive to unseat what's trending?
  • Can your content match the 3 qualities above or
  • Are you just pushing out content just because?
Moral of the Story: Create disruptive content. Don't wait to be perfect. Start taking action today! Ps: I help creatives, thought leaders and entrepreneurs create disruptive content that can make them industry leaders and help them generate #5xIncome. Interested? Click here>> Disruptive Content Creation Package