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IMG-20161220-WA0022 I am quite shocked at some of the questions i get sometimes to feature on the #AskSilas PODCAST... this is because i led to believe a lot of folks already know these things... then again we don't all know everything isn't it.... that's why i am here to answer your questions on the show. But here is the thing.... The fact that we still have a lot of "broke folks" around still shocks the living day light of me given the proliferation of laptops and mobile devices. To make matters better, internet services across Africa has greatly increased compared where we are coming from.  This should be an advantage! Joseph Newman of Business Hub Africa shares this sentiment and we had to sit down and talk about it on the show.... On this episode, Joe and i shared simple ways you could become a millionaire right from your bedroom with just a laptop or a mobile device. We also shared some insights on how you can start a thriving business with as little as N2500.   Please don't allow me keep you here reading this long epistle... Here is the link to this weeks episode of #AskSilas PODCAST ===>>> #AskSilas PODCAST Ep.11   PLEASE LISTEN AND SHARE THOUGHTS IN THE COMMENT BOX PS: To send me questions, just tweet your question to @ozoyasilas with the hashtag #AskSilas