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5 reasons “superwomen entrepreneurs” will change the way you think about everything

Serena Francis & i Meet Serena Francis of SuperWoman Organisation she is a social entrepreneur championing a movement for women to make impact in and around Africa. We sat at a coffee shop few days ago and had a long chat about the "Womenpreneurship gang" which i told her she's one o the gang leaders.... good thing is this one is good gang for those willing to make a paradigm shift from just being a dreamer to a high flying achiever in business and life. Though her front line is for the female folks but her message is or everyone. She believes "super women" entrepreneurs would shape the way we all think about anything and everything ranging from;
  1. Fund raising for business.
  2. Family and community life.
  3. Business community/tribe building.
  4. Relationship and love life and
  5. The way we understand our bodies in relation to sexes, complexities and simplicity.
This post wont do just to the chat we had so i suggest you listen to the chat, leave comments and share with friends. To Listen, Click here>>>> #AskSilas PODCAST (Ep13)   Listen, drop your comments and SHARE this with friends... Be awesome always!