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How To Monetize Your Multi-Talents Using the R.O.O.M Theory



Many find it hard to accept their multi-talents, some don't even know they have them and some have them, know them and are still very broke...

In this episode, I had a very long chat with Talle Davidson of Talle Davidson Multi-Talent Academy (TADMA) popularly called "Dr. T" as he dissects the "R.O.O.M theory" as a tool to monetizing your multi-talents.... As we chatted, he went into the "how" to; R - Realise your multi-talents O - Organize them into the right other and products. O - Optimise your multi-talents and M - Monetise your multi-talents. This is a coaching tool he created with his team to help individuals with multi-talents become financially sufficient. He also went further to share on the TAG & SWAP tools which would help simplify the "R.O.O.M Theory" for a first timer.... This episode is practical and interactive laced with some comic moments... He has promised a FREE Coaching Session for the first 10 listeners to review this episode. Listen in and share your thoughts in the comment section... make sure to share this with your friends. To listen, please click here>> #AskSilas PODCAST Ep.16 Ps: To send in your questions and reviews, please send to Pps: Yet to ORDER my new book; #AudienceXL? Place your order here now. Click here>> ORDER Have a lovely weekend...