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Handling StartUp Fears, Branding Your Vision & Best Fashion Tips for Entrepreneurs



" consistency, develop yourself.... build a brand from your visions..."


Many StartUp entrepreneurs go through a "fear phase" in the beginning, most of the time just before they take off and start pursuing their passions and dreams. Some visionary entrepreneurs with excellent ideas have not identified their "brand value". In this episode, Annabel Abeh (a Fashionpreneur) & Rachel Lucky (a Visionary Coach) shared thoughts on these issues and more... The both went on sharing their minds in their niche in a bid to solve related problems relating to converting your visions to business brands... The ladies especially would enjoy this episode as Annabel Abeh shared a lot about modeling, makeup, and other fashion tips. Click here to listen>> #AskSilas PODCAST EP.17 Listen, comment and Share with friends Ps: To get your questions on the show, send an email to
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