How I messed up my 2016: 5 mistakes to avoid like plague in 2017

30 Nov
dsc_1921Some of you know who I am and some others don’t. If you know me already, that’s good and if you don’t… hmm it’s okay, it’s not your fault. It was me, I messed up! Now I am sounding like I want to break up abi? I remember having a sit down with Emeka Nobis once when I had some weight in my heart and we analyzed some things together. Did same with Cornel Agwu O on a different level. After self-reflecting, these were my conclusions and summation of mess up for 2016.
  1. Inconsistency:
I started 2016 with so much gusto and took my knowledge sharing skills to another level. I started a podcast that got listens from 6 continents (USA, UK, Australia, South America, Asia and Africa) of up to over 1000 listens. I got increased website traffic, loads of testimonials to the extent that I got commendation from the don himself; Steve Harris on my episode 10 and then I went into sleep mode for excuses I gave myself mostly. Looking back now I know I messed up. Mind you I have been recording new episodes but I guess I just gassed posting new material because my website was hacked by some funny Russians. Thanks to Abbo D'Léon and his team, the website is back and we are upgrading (high key, Leon is truly an awesome web designer and website manager. You should check him out). Guess I am more pumped to now to push out content. so aunty Habiba T. Kehinde my site is back up oh. (I am taking guest now on the show, if you want to be on the podcast with me, just hit me up). 2. Poor Clarity: Like I said, if you know me well you would have come in contact with my work some way or other and you would know exactly what I am saying. I have never denied that Esohe Igbinoba Esohe has had great influence on me in this area of brand and self-clarity so has Cornel Agwu lately. What I failed to do was own my narrative. It’s okay to be multi-talented like some folks would want to make us believe otherwise. Now I have gotten better, grown and owned my mistakes as well as taken charge of my narrative not flowing with the tide. You should try it, you would love the results.   3.Flying below the Radial: I am not much of a community celeb (the popular ones in the community) but don’t think for one minute I don’t see y’all. I do! I am more of Liker (I dey like post and comment for Africa sha) and less of a commenter and poster (menh this my English sha). One of the reasons you don’t know me (that’s if you really don’t) is because I bearly comment or post in the community. Sad to say I also have a growing community where I share thoughts with others and I still struggle. Good thing is I have seen it as a flaw and I am working on it seriously. In fact it is one of the reasons I crafted this long post. So here I am putting myself out to find something to hold myself accountable to. dsc_1693
  1. Lack of Packaged Products:
The irony of this mess up is, since 2013 I have been holding annual summits teaching how to start and grow small business. In fact, the last one in July had about 100 participants’ on a Friday morning – a working day. I also coach and write articles on my website on how to develop multiple income streams and so on and I am yet to publish an ordinary ebook for free download at least or sell a small N500 course. Don’t get it wrong I own and run 2 media related businesses (you think say I just dey wear that tshirt as decoration). So yes! I know what I am teaching people especially when I live it daily but as a thought leader and coach, having one small thing for make sense now abi? But I messed up! I no do. No wonder my mailing list is yet to be born again. Imagine the leads I would have gotten from my last business conference or from all the many many speaking opportunities I got both online and offline. Chai I mess up! Anyways, there is good news, I am cooking some things in the kitchen, when them ready you go see am on the promo allowed day for this community. 5.Poor Follow Up Time: This one eh hmmmm Paul Foh fit beat me self because after everything he has taught I still dey mess up here. Bros I enter class oh and I hear you clearly. I am working on it. I admire folks that sit down and respond to nearly every single comment on their post both on social media and their blog. This is another reason I am scared to post on social media. I am avoiding being called a snub but I have come to learn it means I care about my audience. My last blog post got over 1500 comments when my website was finally recovered. Now I am making time to respond to every comment both in my community, blog and social media post. With this few points of mine, I just say make I warn against 2017 before you begin misbehave and dey wonder why you never blow! I have made mistakes, I have owned them and make best out of them and I owe it to you as a thought leader, coach, mentor (or any title you feel befits someone that can’t hold knowledge to himself) to share these thoughts with. I sincerely hope I made sense. Please let me now in the comment box if I did. I am… Silas Ozoya  (@ozoyasilas)