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Over 330 million Was Made Last Week On Big Brother Naija… How Much Did You Make Last Week?

ebukaHonestly, I think I was among the first set of people to punch my calculator app when Ebuka announced that the show has 11 million votes last week. I had waved off the idea of trying to count other people's chickens while I'm still among my own eggs until the wave came in on social media on Monday and it's still spreading as I post this... A few weeks ago we were comparing Sir Shina Peters and Jim Ovia of Zenith Bank as to their decision of how they spent their own N20 million. Emphasis on their own.... The money isn't yours before you say this or that... It's not yours! Now here's my 2 Kobo on this whole financial intelligence related trends (which of course many have ignored). There is a common factor between both trends - Tribe & Enterprise. Here's how; multi choice, he owners of GOtv and DStv have created a very disruptive content and have built a tribe around it. Same thing Jim Ovia did. He has built a strong community around the Zenith brand. Whether you fit in social media from now till the world as it is seized to exist, point fingers at who made the side investments or who wastes money voting when they are not making any returns know investment (ROI) won't change the outcome of either of both scenarios. My big question is how much have you made in all these noises going on? Do you know that this whole over-hyped organized chaos is benefitting some folks? I understand some folks are organizing rallies and selling t-shirts at N2000 to vote a preferred BBN housemate. Calculate N2000 by the number of those that would show up for the rally. The DJ, Hype Man and video guy would get paid (based on logistics). Paid Jingles are been aired, the government is even involved... Where are you know this who social media trend? Where are you making your own share of the billions flying around in the chain of things? Hey! I'm not against the show, heck I've been an avid follower of the show since its inception in 2003 when Bayo (the big teddy) represented Nigeria. I love disruptive content so done judge me. Suffice to say I've gotten cutting ideas from some of the seemly most criticized shows and I've made my cut from the noise and would continue to... My question again is, how much have you made and how much are you planning to make? Don't just follow trends... Make money from them. Ps: Would love to learn how to convert social trends to cash? Then you're in the right place. Sign Up here now to get the best tips to convert Trends to Cash. Click Sign Up. Please share this with friends.