Relationship: The Role Of a Lady to Her Man In a DWINDLING ECONOMY

20 Mar

"...even men need shoulders to cry on.... people to pray for them and support them. We are not superheroes..." - Chinwetalu C.

The country as we all know is in a dire state and it is stale news that we are in an Economic Recession. Ever since the government of the day came into power nobody has been their normal self, every area of the economy has been tightened. What seemed like a running tap low on reserved water is now permanently shut. Now that we have established that fact, dear spouses, we need HELP!

There are certain roles you could play in the life of your spouse now, that s/he would eternally appreciate. First, let me address immediate past issue of Valentine (since it is the most pressing) Feb 14th a.k.a. Valentine’s Day. I don’t even want to go into details on how we have abused this particular date, however, at the last "Husbands & Boyfriends Association" meeting (not exactly a real association); we came to a consensus that since we are not descendants of Oga St. Valentine, there would be no need to commemorate the day with all that expenses anymore. Just go about your day in normalcy; in fact stay clear of anything that has to do with red henceforth on that day. The point is we still recovering from the December expenses. This 2017, personally, I have not recovered from December 2015 spending. Continue reading

#ProjectCEO: Learn Business Development & Fund Generating Strategies

17 Mar


#ProjectCEO is an annual business development class/pitch contest hosted by yours sincerely - Silas Ozoya to raise 10 entrepreneurs.

This idea is to help newbies build their business from scratch and help existing entrepreneurs (SME owners) grow their business exponentially using our business development and fund generation strategies.

We know for sure that across Africa a lot of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) have flawed business models and fund generating strategies hence we hear the complaints of poor funds or lack of capital as causes of failures. Silas Ozoya through his business community- StartUp Business Africa (SUBA), Africa has mapped out ways to curb this menace in the Startup and SME circle of intending and existing entrepreneurs. The goal at the end of each #ProjectCEO session is to; Continue reading

Handling StartUp Fears, Branding Your Vision & Best Fashion Tips for Entrepreneurs

17 Mar


" consistency, develop yourself.... build a brand from your visions..."


Many StartUp entrepreneurs go through a "fear phase" in the beginning, most of the time just before they take off and start pursuing their passions and dreams. Some visionary entrepreneurs with excellent ideas have not identified their "brand value". In this episode, Annabel Abeh (a Fashionpreneur) & Rachel Lucky (a Visionary Coach) Continue reading

Disruptive Content: How Jenifa Dairies Successfully Stole TV Space from Other TV Series

13 Mar


"...Her platform; Jenifa Dairies has brought all these folks to brighter light making their talent shine brighter..."


On March 4th, 2017 Jenifa Dairies was announced TV series of the year at Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA). You would recall years ago it was Check Mate and Village Masquerade that were trending. I guess I'm going too far the youngsters... Let me come down to ages some can relate with. Remember Tales by Moon Light and Willie Willie? Errmmm I think I started facing my books after that. Then came Super Story that managed to break through and held the entire country spellbound so much so that in my home we had the stations and their timetable in case any day was missed another station was targeted ... Even my dad! Who would have believed that? (especially for those that know my dad)... Fast forward to some years later, a certain young lady broke out from nowhere with Jenifa that debut in 2008, then the return of Jenifa and finally she went bunkers with the idea of doing a TV series from the accent she has gathered from that franchise and the show went on to practically unseat all TV series across the African continent. (The millions of people that voted the show to win TV show of the year at AMVCA can't all be liars. Can they?) Continue reading

How To Monetize Your Multi-Talents Using the R.O.O.M Theory

10 Mar


Many find it hard to accept their multi-talents, some don't even know they have them and some have them, know them and are still very broke...

In this episode, I had a very long chat with Talle Davidson of Talle Davidson Multi-Talent Academy (TADMA) popularly called "Dr. T" as he dissects the "R.O.O.M theory" as a tool to monetizing your multi-talents.... As we chatted, he went into the "how" to; Continue reading


6 Mar

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Mavin isn't just a record label anymore, it's now a community of committed followers and member; a tribe that trusts their leader....

Mid last week the news of Mavin Records most epic signing of multi-genre artists, (interestingly, i know one of them personally by the way) threw a lot people off balance and left them jaw down... For most people that believed Mavin Records is about dance hall and love songs alone sorry for you... downloadIn case you don't know mavin records (which I doubt). The label is owned by Michael Collins who is popularly known as DON JAZZY. He broke into the industry when he came back to Nigeria some years ago with Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo (D'Banj). Something Peculiar about Don Jazzy and Mavin Records as a whole is the ability to build a tribe around his name and the brand. His tribe is so loyal that they would practically lynch you if you dare go against the Leader of the Supreme Mavin Dynasty (SMD) or the Dynasty itself. Continue reading

Transiting from PAID Employment to a PAID Thought Leader and Entrepreneur

24 Feb

IMG_20170206_173310"Emeka Nobis is the king of making faces but outside that i call him the magnificient writer. He is an engineer turned full time thought leader and writer. In this episode he shares how you can make your message an enterprise whether as employee or going all in full time...."


For many the situation of the country and the world currently at large currently scares the living daylight out of them... As always I make the best effort to answer questions to resolve these doubts in the hearts of my listeners.... In this episode of the #AskSilas PODCAST I featured the magnificent Emeka Nobis who's a professional engineer turned full-time Thought Leader & Writer and making mouth watering pay.... Continue reading

AudienceXL: 3 Secrets to Building Paying Audience

20 Feb
Audience XL

"...your paying audience isn't  just those that sit to listen, comment and like your post alone but take a step further to support your creative and intellectual gifts financially...."

The fact that you are reading this means you take your creative and intellectual abilities seriously and would want to benefit financially from your gifts as you bless the word with the outpouring of what the universe has blessed you with. Truth be told I have been so scared of putting together a body of work like this book for a lot of reasons but hiding behind fears and skepticism won't do me or the world any favours. Right from my very first experiment of organizing events back in 2011 to managing my first set of talents the same year, one question has always re-occurred is; "how do you get people to buy into all these?" Continue reading

5 reasons “superwomen entrepreneurs” will change the way you think about everything

17 Feb
Serena Francis & i Meet Serena Francis of SuperWoman Organisation she is a social entrepreneur championing a movement for women to make impact in and around Africa. We sat at a coffee shop few days ago and had a long chat about the "Womenpreneurship gang" which i told her she's one o the gang leaders.... good thing is this one is good gang for those willing to make a paradigm shift from just being a dreamer to a high flying achiever in business and life. Though her front line is for the female folks but her message is or everyone. She believes "super women" entrepreneurs would shape the way we all think about anything and everything ranging from; Continue reading