3 Reasons why “Problems” are “Brands” in the making.

3 Jun
reacting to problems"Big problems make for big brands" – Silas Ozoya How do you see problems? Many shy away from the word “problems”. Religious bodies have now device new synonyms for the word like “challenges” and so on. Any how you put it, the fact remains that there is something holding you back from achieving your desired goal, as far as I know that is a problem. I would share some experiences which I hope you would pick some lesson from.... Continue reading

3 Ways to make your audience PAY you

3 May
payAs an entrepreneur whether you are a coach, sales man, or even a career employee building a name and brand out of your passion then you must learn to get and retain audience who are more or less your clients and the reason you are in business in the first place because without them your talents and skill is worth nothing in terms of currency. As I have mentioned time and time again in my tweet lectures (#mondaytonic), 10% of your audience are those that pay your bills since they are the ones that actually pay for your product. That being said let us dig into the issue at hand, achieving your set goal of making your audience pay for your talent or skill is a process, so follow these simple steps. Continue reading

6 Reasons why you should never make New Year Resolutions

1 Jan
get this money New year Resolutions... Really? If there is anything close a new years resolution each year is to increase my net worth... Every new year comes as an empty bag, basket or whatever symbolism you like to use...

While we've done a naming ceremony for the year in our various religious beliefs and denomination, the kernel cracking truth is if you don't put systems in your place you might end up worse that the immediate past year.... Continue reading

3 ways to be visible and sell more as a startup Business Owner

9 Nov
visible“People pay what they “perceive” is valuable to them and solves their problems” – Silas Ozoya As a startup business owner, you want to attract clients and make sales that means get paid in exchange for your products or services. Guess what? That can’t happen if you are not visible no matter how long you’ve been in the business and no matter what you are selling or the service you provide. As awesome as your idea, product or service, if you are not seen, then you are not know and if you are not know then nobody would buy from you and that is bad business. Believe me you do not want to do bad business as a startup. By the way, a startup is a business owner who just has a fresh idea or a running business that employs 0-50 people. So if your fall in this category then this is for you. Starter served, now let’s go in to the main meal. Ready? Shall we? Continue reading