StartUp Monthly Webinar: Benefits of Community Meet-Ups

26 Jan
IMG-20170124-WA0004 Communities are strengthened through clear and regular communication. This can be made possible by regular meet-ups.... let me introduce you to; STARTUP MONTHLY WEBINAR This is a monthly online meeting of the community with Silas OZOYA Let us first clear the air about what a business community is.... A business community is a coming together of like business minds to achieve set goals and targets.... With this in mind, you would be wondering what Startup Monthly Africa Business Community is set out to achieve right? Continue reading

3 unbelievable things you never knew about your money: 3 Reasons you should self audit regularly

2 Dec

money-problemsPhoto credit - @the_chiman (instagram)

"Money won't make you rich..." - Sunday Adelaja

Hey champ! How has your week been?
First allow me welcome you to December of 2016. The count down has officially started 30 days more... Few days ago I got a copy of my bank statement for review and auditing. It's a habit I've built over the past few years... What I usually do was to keep track of my expenses on a note pad, then i upgraded to excel sheet but with Internet and mobile banking that you can state the reason for a transaction it's easier for me to keep track as I make sure that most of by transactions are either via transfer or a check for auditing reasons. Why do you need this? There are a lot of reasons but u would share a few here; Continue reading

How I messed up my 2016: 5 mistakes to avoid like plague in 2017

30 Nov
dsc_1921Some of you know who I am and some others don’t. If you know me already, that’s good and if you don’t… hmm it’s okay, it’s not your fault. It was me, I messed up! Now I am sounding like I want to break up abi? I remember having a sit down with Emeka Nobis once when I had some weight in my heart and we analyzed some things together. Did same with Cornel Agwu O on a different level. After self-reflecting, these were my conclusions and summation of mess up for 2016.
  1. Inconsistency:
I started 2016 with so much gusto and took my knowledge sharing skills to another level. I started a podcast that got listens from 6 continents (USA, UK, Australia, South America, Asia and Africa) of up to over 1000 listens. I got increased website traffic, loads of testimonials to the extent that I got commendation from the don himself; Steve Harris on my episode 10 and then I went into sleep mode for excuses I gave myself mostly. Looking back now I know I messed up. Mind you I have been recording new episodes but I guess I just gassed posting new material because my website was hacked by some funny Russians. Continue reading

StartUp Business Conference 2017: The Business of Skill

15 Jun
sbc2017 flyer official meHello and Welcome I am Silas Ozoya,

I am an Entrepreneur, Business Developer, Teacher and an Entertainment Freak.

Every year I have a goal of raising 10 entrepreneurs.  Through my coaching, mentoring and strategy sessions, I support at least one of every 10 with financial and practical business knowledge to either launch a new business (startup) or exponentially grow an existing one (SME). In 2013 “The Entrepreneur Summit" was launched. This is the background where I first started to coach startups and SMEs based on my experiences of building my companies; MADdotCOM Business Network and KampusTV NG. I discovered that motivation to start is not all but the actual support (knowledge and financial intelligence) are as important. The motivation to start is easy but the tenacity to continue is where practical knowledge comes into play so as to not leave the "motivated and inspired mind" wondering in the darkness of harsh realities making them give up half way. So I opted to provide intelligent solutions. Continue reading

3 Reasons why “Problems” are “Brands” in the making.

3 Jun
reacting to problems"Big problems make for big brands" – Silas Ozoya How do you see problems? Many shy away from the word “problems”. Religious bodies have now device new synonyms for the word like “challenges” and so on. Any how you put it, the fact remains that there is something holding you back from achieving your desired goal, as far as I know that is a problem. I would share some experiences which I hope you would pick some lesson from.... Continue reading

3 Ways to make your audience PAY you

3 May
payAs an entrepreneur whether you are a coach, sales man, or even a career employee building a name and brand out of your passion then you must learn to get and retain audience who are more or less your clients and the reason you are in business in the first place because without them your talents and skill is worth nothing in terms of currency. As I have mentioned time and time again in my tweet lectures (#mondaytonic), 10% of your audience are those that pay your bills since they are the ones that actually pay for your product. That being said let us dig into the issue at hand, achieving your set goal of making your audience pay for your talent or skill is a process, so follow these simple steps. Continue reading

6 Reasons why you should never make New Year Resolutions

1 Jan
get this money New year Resolutions... Really? If there is anything close a new years resolution each year is to increase my net worth... Every new year comes as an empty bag, basket or whatever symbolism you like to use...

While we've done a naming ceremony for the year in our various religious beliefs and denomination, the kernel cracking truth is if you don't put systems in your place you might end up worse that the immediate past year.... Continue reading

3 ways to be visible and sell more as a startup Business Owner

9 Nov
visible“People pay what they “perceive” is valuable to them and solves their problems” – Silas Ozoya As a startup business owner, you want to attract clients and make sales that means get paid in exchange for your products or services. Guess what? That can’t happen if you are not visible no matter how long you’ve been in the business and no matter what you are selling or the service you provide. As awesome as your idea, product or service, if you are not seen, then you are not know and if you are not know then nobody would buy from you and that is bad business. Believe me you do not want to do bad business as a startup. By the way, a startup is a business owner who just has a fresh idea or a running business that employs 0-50 people. So if your fall in this category then this is for you. Starter served, now let’s go in to the main meal. Ready? Shall we? Continue reading