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“Everybody is in business, we all have something to sell but most of us have just decided to sell what others have to sell...” – Silas Ozoya


So let's meet.... Silas Ozoya. He is the; CEO/Executive Producer, KampusTV NG ( a production & new  media publishing company), Lead Expert, MADdotCOM Entertainment (a Brand PR, Talent & Events Management company) and Founder, Startup Business Africa (SUBA) (his business development community) He is an Entrepreneur, Business Developer & Entertainment Business Expert. He helps startups and SMEs (Small & Medium Scale Enterprises) generate #5xIncome cash flow that would place them as authorities in their core. His strategies help them generate a lot of income 5 times (5x) what they currently earn in 30 - 90 days. He uses his vast knowledge of business development and the entertainment industry to help others develop and grow their talent, ideas, and businesses through the strategic content creation, business development and fund generating skills. He has been able to use his passion, skills, and experience to build and exponentially growing 7-figure businesses. He founded his first business (MADdotCOM Business Network) in 2010 and has committed himself since 2013 to teach you to start income generating businesses from your talent and ideas as you work together with him. Currently, he hosts two shows; #AskSilas PODCAST  where he answers questions on content creation, startup, entrepreneurship, business development, entertainment business and life with the goal of helping you gain financial freedom using your passion, skills, and experience through your content. He also hosts #AskSilas Dairy Vlog  a video diary of his moments where he shares his entrepreneurial journey randomly. He founded StartUp Business Africa (SUBA)::Business Community in 2016 as a community of startups, funders, entrepreneurs, investors, coaches, and mentors, where members can all network, develop themselves and start generating funds. He is a U.S Trained Life Coach, Trained Business Management Expert, an Excellent Speaker, Author, Disruptive Content Creator & Business Development Expert. He was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year (2015) by YALI Network (Nigeria) and nominated for the same category at MAA Awards and Starlette Awards respectively in 2015. Welcome, Home!
Twitter: Silas Ozoya  Instagram: Silas Ozoya Facebook: Silas Ozoya