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5 Steps to Raising Business Capital for StartUps & SMEs

"...Derick is a good cook for a guy! Like he is a chef, trained one with many food exhibitions and successful projects to his credit. I met Derick as a guest at a musical tour event by a popular artist in the south of Nigeria. We connected, shared ideas and chatted about the growing rate of entrepreneurial spirit in the continent of Africa, Nigeria particularly. As for business goals, Derick wants to open a food and confessionary restaurant, so he took the usual road; spoke to family members, spoke to friends using the successes of all his previous projects and exhibition as traction, didn’t even ask for free money but went the hard road of asking for loans and investment funds from these guys but met lots of brick walls. Get this right, he didn’t meet brick walls because these guys didn’t have the money, they are friends, and family members he knew well they could afford what he was asking for. They have hung out severally to have drinks with running over and above the amounts, he asked from each fellow. Guess what he didn’t get the funding support. For whatever reason or reasons, they were less concerned about his business growth and more concerned about having drinks and partying when they can. Was Derrick able achieve his business goal? We would that find out later...." The above is a portion of the introduction to this new ebook - SEED FUNDING SECRETS. This kind of scenario is what an average startup or SME entrepreneur face daily in the African space. I have faced similar and even worse cases and so has lots of entrepreneurs in our business community. Well, instead of complaining about the situation, I am leading the community to do something about it - creating solutions. One of the solutions I am contributing is my knowledge in this book; SEED FUNDING SECRETS showing you specific 5 practically tested ways of raising business capital as a startup (that is starting out fresh) or an SME who wants to expand. In this book, I shared thoughts on bootstrapping, sales, cooperative (crowd) funding, elevator pitch and investment pitch using our African environment as a case study (principles are the same just adapt to your locality when applying them). Outside of this book, we have gone ahead to put one of the many solutions to a practical experience by starting our own Thrift & Credit Cooperative in our business development community - SUBA to provide real life funding solutions to our community members. Find out more here SUBA Thrift & Credit Cooperative I am also committing myself to a monthly Q & A LIVE broadcast called #AskSilas LIVE to continue solving this funding problem. DOWNLOAD THE eBOOK FOR FREE HERE REGISTER HERE for the next #AskSilas LIVE broadcast. Come with Questions!!IMG-20170820-WA0002 REGISTER HERE to get a FREE PASS to the next #AskSilas LIVE Q & A broadcast.