How to become a Celebrity Entrepreneur, Coach and Thought Leader… as a Startup Entrepreneur

30 Oct
Our personal brands' influences sales for our businesses and the success of our business brands influence our status as an expert and or celebrity on our niches as Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Thought Leaders. Some argue it's better to build your business brand first and ride on that to build your personal brand while others argue in the opposite direction. Whichever way you choose to build your brand, the ripple effect would be felt on the other... That's the hard fact! Earning 5x Income from your content and business ideas goes beyond doing one thing at a time. Combining and sharing multiple passion, skills, and experiences is what makes you become a celebrity in your niche. Celebrities are seen as experts and have large followership in their ideology. They're seen as experts in their field of knowledge and skill. So why are these guys celebrities? Continue reading