#AskSilas Tips: Would you like to be a PODFather?

31 Jul
A few weeks ago I was contacted by a London based business and entrepreneurship blogger to share my ideas on PODCASTING as disruptive content creator and I did. I I was casually answering questions thrown at me effortlessly (because it's already my daily & weekly experience). This morning, I woke up to a message notifying me that the article has been published. You should see the smile on my face - (London is publishing Silas Ozoya I thought to myself). This is just a story of consistency, clarity of message and focus on the mission you've been called to do. These guys have been listening to the #AskSilas podcast out there in London. Would you like to be a Would you like to be a podfather? (Translated: Podcast Expert). Please click here to read the article Want to be a podfather?  Thanks to Freedom Eche for the feature on afroentrepreneurs.com - a Pan-African business and entrepreneurship web portal based in London poised to promote African entrepreneurs, their businesses, vendors and skilled people.   If you are yet to listen to any episode of the #AskSilas PODCAST, do yourself a favour, Click LISTEN now!