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Mavin isn't just a record label anymore, it's now a community of committed followers and member; a tribe that trusts their leader....

Mid last week the news of Mavin Records most epic signing of multi-genre artists, (interestingly, i know one of them personally by the way) threw a lot people off balance and left them jaw down... For most people that believed Mavin Records is about dance hall and love songs alone sorry for you... downloadIn case you don't know mavin records (which I doubt). The label is owned by Michael Collins who is popularly known as DON JAZZY. He broke into the industry when he came back to Nigeria some years ago with Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo (D'Banj). Something Peculiar about Don Jazzy and Mavin Records as a whole is the ability to build a tribe around his name and the brand. His tribe is so loyal that they would practically lynch you if you dare go against the Leader of the Supreme Mavin Dynasty (SMD) or the Dynasty itself. download (1)You would wonder what this has to do with building a successful business. Understand something, Mavin isn't just a record label anymore, it's now a community of committed followers and member; a tribe that trusts their leader. Don Jazzy understands this and he's using it very well to his advantage and that of his businesses. The man recently launched a "Free WiFi" company called Flobyt. For some reason, I'm led to believe that company would break even in the first year because of the mammoth tribe members endeared to him and would subscribe to the products of that company not for any reason but for the love of the "thought leader" leading the tribe. Some folks with niches in core music, music business analysis, and critics have wondered why it's a big deal to be signed to Mavin records. Here are some of my top 3 thoughts;
  1. Mavin has large trusted followers (committed tribe members).

  2. There is a structure that entertains diversity.

  3. The leader has built more of a family than a Business (at least from what it looks like from outside).

As a creative, thought leader, coach, consultant, mentor... Etc ask yourself; Have I built a tribe this committed? Do I have a viable structure? Can I be trustworthy as a leader? Every creative, entrepreneur, coach and thought leader should answer these questions. By the way, congrats to my brother Johnny Drille, an awesome rapper; Poe and the wonderful brothers; DNA. It's actually a big to deal for these guys... They worked their way up. Ps: Learn how to build your own paying audience through tribe building. Download #AudienceXL for FREE here>> Remember awesome always. I love you. Silas.