Thought Leadership, Perfection Paradox & Building AudienceXL || AskSilasDairy 004

Some thought leaders missing it when they think they are attaining "celebrity status" while some hold back because they want it to be perfect before they share their message with the world and some don't know how to build and retain a paying audience. This Episode of #AskSilasDiary answers all these questions and more... Watch and leave your comments.

Esohe Igbinoba || Keynote Talk on Branding your Passion Business at Startup Business Conference 2016

Esohe Igbinoba is a brand catalyst and Founder, Global Brand Network. She is an expert in brand story telling and how to build personal and business brands that from passion, skills and experience that would yield profit. Please leave a comment below of your thoughts...

Startup Business Conference 2016 with Silas Ozoya, Abbo D'Léon and Esohe Igbinoba

Silas Ozoya holds an annual business summit with his business community and invited guests where he seeks to raise entrepreneurs that would start new businesses and those that can grow existing businesses exponentially. Sharing from his experiences of running 7-Figure businesses. Since 2013, he has guided participants to answer the questions in their heart. This year (2016) he shares on how to start a business from your passion along side with Abbo D'Leon a Digital Marketing expert and Esohe Igbinoba a Brand Catalyst.

Sports for Sweats, The Business Side of Fashion & Studio Life|| AskSilasDairy 005

Sometimes we take life too serious chasing our dreams (which isn't a bad thing) and forget to exercise the body to stay healthy. Building relationships is vital to business growth, so networking at events is advised. Life of an entertainment & media entrepreneur comes with some studio time... check out this exciting episode of #AskSilasDairy... Watch, comment and share with friends...

Celebrating KampusTV NG @ 1|| #AskSilasDiary 001

Many have asked what my everyday lie is like, how do i have enough time to do my work and still so much in terms of the content i put out (though not enough as i would want). Here is the first episode of my video dairy as i share excerpts of my everyday life as an entrepreneur. i hope you enjoy watching. Do leave a comment of what you think.