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StartUp Monthly Webinar: Benefits of Community Meet-Ups

IMG-20170124-WA0004 Communities are strengthened through clear and regular communication. This can be made possible by regular meet-ups.... let me introduce you to; STARTUP MONTHLY WEBINAR This is a monthly online meeting of the community with Silas OZOYA Let us first clear the air about what a business community is.... A business community is a coming together of like business minds to achieve set goals and targets.... With this in mind, you would be wondering what Startup Monthly Africa Business Community is set out to achieve right? It is simple, 3 cardinal things;
  • Build a viable NETWORK
  • Facilitate standard PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT growth
  • Seek practical solutions to FUND GENERATION
With all these achieved in parts and whole as we grow, we believe Africa would become a better place to do business and would produce more financially free individuals. This is what we seek and that is why we are meeting monthly across Africa and beyond once every month to share business development strategies and latest happenings in the startup space within Africa & beyond. Our meeting is virtual via Facebook Live breaking boundary limits hosted by Silas Ozoya, Founder, Startup Monthly Africa Business Community.  Date: Every Last Saturday of the month. Time: 7pm (GMT +1) Venue: Startup Monthly Africa (Facebook Community)   Guess what? It is completely FREE! I would love to have you join us this month.... I am pretty sure you have seen the benefits   To join in, simply click on the venue, go to events and click GOING on the event. We look forward to having you on...   Be Awesome Always! Cheers