What Can You Achieve in 90 Days?

6 Dec
When 2016 was ending I told myself that 2017 would be one of my best year ever. I set a business goal to move my media company - KampusTV NG from running from home at my dining table and my co-founder's room to having an office and studio space. My financial goal was to hit N3million ($7500) and My life goal was to have more family time and work freedom. By August 22nd (which is my birthday), I did my usual ritualistic self and financial audit. This was the result; I had gotten a very big 3 bedroom detached bungalow (fenced) as an office and studio space for my business. I had made a little above N3million ($9000+) in income (as at August). Surpassing my set goal and I spent lots time with my wife and son this year compared to the last 2 years (even with my usual tight schedules). I have booked a one week Christmas vacation already for the family. I even went ahead to start up a new business funding cooperative for my business community - SUBA Community (this is now an extra achievement). I’m willing to bet my next payout that you have read or heard at some stage in your life that it takes 21-days to form a new habit that would help you hit your set goals. Right? Stephen Covey helped breathe life into this belief in the wildly successful, ‘The 7 Habits Of Highly Successful People’. Only it’s nonsense! (no disrespect to Stephen). What does 21-days even mean? If I were to meditate for 21 continuous days for 19-seconds per day, is that the same as you meditating for the same period but for 30-minutes per day? Of course not. So what is a habit? There is no definitive definition, but roughly speaking, we’re talking about a behavior that is undertaken without the need for conscious intervention. Think of brushing your teeth. Do you ever wake up every morning thinking, ‘I really must remember to brush my teeth, I totally blew it last time I missed it and went out with a really bad mouth odour’? I doubt it. Generally speaking, habits are behaviors that we partake in no matter what the circumstances. They become part of who we are. Whereas we know almost certainly that 21-days are not enough to form a habit, science does have an approximate figure that is accepted even though it still has its limitations. It's (unsurprisingly given the headline) about 90-days depending on the habit and the time spent each day. It would be great to know that we only have to go to the gym for 21-days to form a habit that will have us get 6 packs as guys or that figure 8 body and a bouncing backside as ladies but come on, 90-days isn’t that bad, is it? The 1st of January is a date when everything changes for many people. Or so they think. The reality is little changes at midnight on the 31st December other than the date. You probably cannot dump bad habits, change your lifestyle and start leading the life you know you deserve and want just because the calendar has flipped over. The New Year gives people hope that change will happen. Unfortunately, the science tells us that it’s false hope and most New Years resolutions have evaporated before a new football season kicks off. Some even before Valentine is celebrated. I have been thinking a lot lately about making some changes. I won’t go into the details now because they are, for the most part, it's irrelevant to do so at the moment. But I will say I want to start forming some new habits and working more diligently toward some new goals. I was going to wait until the 1st January, because like you I'm conditioned to think that was the ideal time. But it isn’t. The ideal time is as soon as possible after you have put plans in place. As such I’m looking for just 50 persons who are utterly committed to implementing long-lasting beneficial change and want the help of others doing the same thing. I have just started a subscription-based secret Facebook and WhatsApp groups called #AskSilas Mentorship Program. This group is dedicated to helping you make the changes you really and truly want to make in your business, finance and in your life. You would have access to the group for 90days (with an option of renewal). Here’s what I want from you if I’m to consider you because this isn’t about me raising cash (as you will see in a moment), it’s about creating a bad ass community of people who want to support and help one another exponentially grow their life and income. You need to have at least 1 aspect in the 3 areas of your life you want to change. Business, Finance, and your Life. Maybe you want to be able to;
  1. Start a new business or grow an existing one 5x it's current strength.

  2. Increase your finances and income streams 5x it's current state.

  3. Build a lasting relationship, lose weight, build your Spirituality (not religion! I mean really go deep spiritually) create a meditation habit, quit smoking, change your diet or implement any daily routine.

I don't just want to work with anybody. You must be committed to the task ahead, post in the groups at least 4-times per week and update everybody else on your progress. You will support other people in the group and do your best to encourage and motivate them. You will be honest and open. You will maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the groups' discussions and it's members. Be ready to carry out the assigned tasks and make necessary reports. ...and of course, you will need to have a Facebook and a functional WhatsApp account. If you want to make changes and you want my help and the help of others, then hit the link on this post. There is a cost to this, but it’s minimal and more a test of your commitment than anything else. I currently charge N5000 ($13) per hour and I’ll probably need to put aside at least 2 or 3 hours bi-weekly for 12-weeks in my regular mentoring and coaching experience. At the low end that is approximately about N60,000 ($150) of my time per person. Multiplied by 50 persons would give me N3million ($7500). But I don’t want that because this is a way of me giving back so I would be you my time and knowledge at a huge 80% discount. Now, let's do a little subtraction, shall we? Instead of paying N60,000 ($150) for a 90-day mentoring and coaching experience, subtract 80% which N48,000 ($120) That makes it just N12,000 ($30) for the whole of 90days. Does that sound reasonable? If it does and you are up for the challenge, then click the link on this now!. If you think it’s way too expensive and I should be ashamed of myself for being so greedy... Then wait till this 80% promotion offer is over and the testimonials of others. Offer last until 30th December 2017. Interested? Click this link to SIGN UP NOW! Silas (234) 81-81097-6887 PS: I'm limiting this to 50-people so we can all get to know one another and I can be sure I can help as much as I can. So if you're interested register a.s.a.p because once I have 50 persons that's it!