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You Have a Message- A Call to Creatives, Thought Leaders & Coaches


You Have a Message.... your audience is waiting.

___________________________________________________________________________ It's not about what they want, it's about what you want. If you can just be selfish enough to grind for what you want, they would get what they want. Eventually... They are just scared of the change you're becoming. Get used to it... Even you are scared but, you see the light calling you... It's drawing you would closer... You start gasping for breath when trying to fight it... You have nausea when you try to stomach it - not letting it out. It's gonna purge you. Run your stomach like Bolts did in the Olympics - Win. Why not come outshine like the stars, make the sun afraid and the moon shy. Why not step to the plate? Run fast so you won't be late. Why not become the stars you see on the red carpet? Oh sorry, you're waiting to be perfect... Why not become the dream-like Obama to Martin Luther? Pardon, did you just say later? - procrastinating. What you need is liberation! You have a message, your audience is waiting. This is a note to myself, I hope it becomes a joke to you too. Thank God it's Monday.

- Silas @ozoyasilas

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